Best places to visit in November - Best Destination for Winter (2024)

The chilly air of early winter will arrive at the beginning of November and December, and the weather changes to winter with nice mild winds. This is an excellent time for travellers to visit popular tourist attractions with family and friends to explore new places or unwind after a long day at work. The weather in November is mild and bright, making it ideal for enjoying tourism activities. And if you're wondering where to go in November, the top places listed below are a terrific starting point.

  1. Thailand
  2. Singapore
  3. Malaysia
  4. Vietnam
  5. India
  6. France
  7. Switzerland
  8. Belgium
  9. UK
  10. The Netherlands
  11. Maldives
  12. Hawaii Island
  13. Bali
  14. Korea
  15. Canada
  16. Hong Kong
  17. Australia
  18. Germany
  19. China
  20. The Netherlands.


Thailand is a great tourist destination all year round so you can come anytime. However, November and December are the best months since the temperature lowers and it is less hot than the other months. Furthermore, because it is not the rainy season, travelling between tourist spots is comparatively easy.

In summary, the temperature in Thailand in November is between 29 and 31 degrees Celsius on average. The weather is now pleasant and friendly. Rainfall has also lessened significantly, providing an excellent opportunity to visit the region of golden pagodas at this time.

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Thailand hosts the Loy Krathong Lantern Festival in November, one of the country's two largest celebrations. Chiang Mai is the most widely known arena. The most anticipated activity of the event is the release of sky lanterns. The locals will rejoice across the city during the day. When night arrives, people congregate near Mae Jo and Nawarat Bridge for the light festival. Hundreds of thousands of lanterns are ignited and launched into the atmosphere. Lights illuminated both the sky and the river's surface. The glittering display will provide guests with a delightful and unique experience of Thailand's second largest festival.


Singapore is a country with strong economic growth that is recognised not only in Southeast Asia but also across Asia. Singapore currently attracts international tourists with its delicate balance of heritage and modernity, as well as a fusion of diversity in which cultures and faiths mingle smoothly.

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Singapore is best visited between September and November each year. The weather is cold; the morning temperature is low, creating a chilly feeling; the midday temperature is high, and the night temperature is low.

In Singapore, heavy rain is possible in the afternoon and evening during this time of year. However, because of the monsoon, these showers normally don't linger long and cease fast, so they won't have a big impact on the day's touring plans.

This is also the low tourist season in Singapore, so you can save money on lodging and meals.

Visitors to Singapore in November will be immersed in the most dynamic, contemporary, and busiest nightlife in Asia. Clarke Quay is a must-see for party and cuisine enthusiasts, while Orchard Avenue is for individuals who enjoy shopping or travellers who want to explore Singapore at night.


Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-religious nation. This area not only amazes visitors with its customs, architecture, unique culture, and art, but it is also appealing due to its magnificent surroundings. Kuala Lumpur, the contemporary capital, is home to the world's tallest Petronas Twin Towers, the mosque's distinctive architecture, and the Theme Park amusem*nt area. The rainy season in Malaysia lasts from October to March of the following year, although the weather remains quite constant, particularly in the capital of Kuala Lumpur.

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When visiting Malaysia, you can enjoy the pristine islands with gorgeous white sand beaches, such as Penang and Langkawi. In addition to learning about the culture and eating famous Malaysian food.

When visiting Malaysia, you can snap memento photographs with the Petronas Twin Towers, have a fish massage, sip co*cktails at Sky Bar, shop at Bukit Bintang, visit mosques, sample traditional Malaysian food at night markets, and admire the untouched beauty of the Penang and Langkawi islands.


Da Nang, known as Vietnam's most pleasant city, has long drawn millions of tourists, both Vietnamese and international. Da Nang tourism is always a popular choice for many visitors. Travelling to Da Nang in November, in particular, will be ideal for individuals who enjoy the lightness of being outside in the fresh air.

Travelling to Da Nang in November will be perfect due to weather conditions, flight reductions, and easy access to tourist attractions because it is not the height of the tourist season.

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Da Nang Dragon Bridge is a symbol of Da Nang's majestic grandeur and ambition to merge with the rest of the world. Every tourist should see the distinctive bridge in the centre of Vietnam's most livable city, which is shaped like a magnificent winding dragon. When visiting Da Nang, visitors should not miss out on seeing Ba Na Hill. Visitors will feel more calm and relaxed when travelling on top of Ba Na during off-peak days.


India is well-known for having a distinct culture and a mix of many different religious beliefs. If you enjoy seeing new places, don't miss out on visiting India in November!

November, with its comparatively moderate temperature, is an excellent season for travellers to visit India. When visiting India, it is best to visit the desert of Rajasthan in the winter to escape the summer heat. If you wish to ski, you can do so anyplace around the Himalayas since it is snow-covered.

This is a wonderland for adventure seekers and a fantastic place for skaters. Shimla is well-known among tourists for its snow-related activities, making it one of the greatest destinations to visit in November. It's fantastic if you can view the gorgeous snowy mountains and woods on the world's roof.

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Travel to India in November, when the rainy season has just ended, and the weather is rather mild and pleasant, ideal for sightseeing and outdoor sports. In addition to major tourist sights such as the Taj Mahal, Delhi Old Town, and Mumbai's retail paradise, don't miss India's fire dancing festival. In a traditional dance event to honour the deity Theyyam, the prophets will dance and dance over the blaze with their bare feet.


If you wish to travel overseas, France is also an appealing option. November in France is fall, but the temperature is still rather cold in the early morning and late at night. A mild day is ideal for travelling. Explore the magnificent environment and participate in outdoor activities.

Visitors should understand the weather in France before visiting the wonderful spots here. Because the scenery in France changes dramatically with the seasons. Furthermore, because France has such a diversified topography, the climate and landscape would change significantly.

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When people think of France, they think of fashion, fragrances, or wines, as well as characteristic Western European meals - many attractive things that draw individuals who enjoy eating and drinking. Those who enjoy travelling will want to visit this location at least once in November.

When you visit France, you will see the Eiffel Tower, the tourist emblem of Paris, take a boat excursion down the Seine, visit the Louvre museum, and see the castle on Montmartre hill. In addition to Paris, you will witness the beauty of France by visiting many other charming places such as Cannes, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, and others.


Switzerland is a nation in Western Europe that is near France and Germany. This land has long captivated us with its snow-capped mountains against a blue sky, pristine lakes, boundless green fields, and little villages that maintain the splendour of the Middle Ages.

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Switzerland is considered the happiest country in the world, making it an ideal tourist destination at any time of year. Switzerland has a moderate temperature, meaning it is neither hot nor cold, so you will visit throughout all four seasons and enjoy the stunning surroundings. Winter in Switzerland lasts from November to February. The weather is rather chilly at this time of year, making outdoor activities difficult, but you will be able to enjoy skiing at famous rinks as well as numerous great cuisines here.

Zurich is Switzerland's largest city and contains many historical features. You will wander through the little lanes, and the old streets offer a vintage appearance. Remember to ascend the hill around sunset to witness the Limmat River and the city vista begin to light up.


If you want to take a vacation and live a lavish life in Europe, Belgium is an excellent choice. Because of the warm temperature of Belgium, most major towns such as Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, and Antwerp draw a considerable number of tourists. Belgium, on the other hand, adds its unique charm to each season. Belgium's weather is good for a country with a moderate climate.

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In Belgium, November is when the heat of summer fades and the cold of winter arrives. The fall weather is particularly lovely at this time of year, especially in rural and northern places. Because the sea breeze begins to blow heavily, bringing rain inland, the weather here is rather humid.

If you enjoy chocolate, beer, or mediaeval architecture, do not miss a visit to Bruges while in Belgium. You can visit more than 50 chocolate stores as well as a chocolate museum.

At the same time, you can pay a visit to De Halve Maan brewery to learn about the process of producing great beer bottles in this nation. And just walking around the architecture here will transport you to old age with a rich and unique culture.


What month to visit the UK is a question that all first-time travellers have. The United Kingdom is well-known for its sophisticated, luxurious cities and sculptures. As a result, England deserves to be a popular tourist destination for many people.

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England has four distinct seasons, however, they are not the same because each city has unique features according to its geographical position. Autumn lasts from September to November, and the weather is rather cold during this time because England is a frigid nation known as the land of fog. In November, England is the yellow hue of the changing leaves in the forest, the weather is pleasant, and both summer and winter are there. Summer's mild rays will occasionally be cool, and snow showers will occur. Therefore if you visit the UK in November, you will have a fascinating experience.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a tiny country in western Europe known for its magnificent windmills and stunning tulip fields. It is also one of the 10 countries in the world with the highest happiness index. The Netherlands is undoubtedly Europe's most livable country. Because of its extensive coastline and stunning natural landscape, it will make all tourists feel more comfortable and serene.

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Summer and autumn lasts from June through November, with temperatures ranging from 8 to 21 degrees Celsius. This season, the Netherlands attracts many travellers because of its pleasant weather, the transformation of the landscape with rows of yellow-leaved trees, and the distinctive and traditional celebrations.

When it comes to the Netherlands, practically everyone is familiar with Hoge Veluwe National Park. With an area of 50 square kilometres, this park is located on the southeastern side of Veluwe in the province of Gelderland and is one of the largest nature reserves.

This employment will immerse you in nature, with primaeval woods and plateaus. At the same time, you will be able to see a variety of creatures, including red deer, wild boar, and natural ecosystems. Furthermore, Amsterdam's red light district is a popular tourist attraction in the Netherlands. The red light district shines brightly at night with incredibly amazing red lights, making it an extremely intriguing check-in location for all guests.


The Maldives is a chain of atolls in the Indian Ocean that is a popular luxury holiday destination. The Maldives is an autonomous island republic in the Indian Ocean made up of 26 atolls and 1192 islands. Because the average altitude of the region is just approximately 2.3m, this country holds the title of the flattest country in the world. It is a tropical paradise with pure white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons, Romantic private island resorts, underwater restaurants, overwater villas, and an incredible beachfront infinity pool.

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The landscape and climate of the Maldives contribute to the destination's year-round popularity. The Maldives' temperature is pleasant and warm, and the water acts as a big air conditioner to keep the nation cool. Visitors visiting the Maldives will have the greatest weather between November and April, owing to little rainfall and pleasant temperatures. This is also the busiest time of year, and as a result, resort accommodation prices are relatively high.

It is a mistake to visit the Maldives without seeing the Maldives National Museum. This museum, located west of Male, houses all of the objects that demonstrate the country's historical evolution. Art, jewels, antique clothes, and thrones are all on exhibit to assist tourists to learn more about the culture and history of this wonderful nation.

Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island is an archipelago of 132 major and small islands located in the tropical middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii's weather is also incredibly excellent, pleasant and moderate all year round, due to its somewhat unique geographical location. Hawaii is the only state that is wholly inside the tropics and does not belong to any continent. Many breathtaking tropical seascapes will be able to be seen on this Hawaiian island. Coming here, you will be immersed in a large paradise full of many secrets, all of which are unique and incredibly fancy.

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Each season in Hawaii has its draw and adds a distinct characteristic to this beautiful pearl island. If you desire to visit Hawaii at any time of year, the great expanses of pristine white sand and high and low undulating waves will always greet you. In Hawaii, the rainy season typically lasts from November through March. However, the weather in Hawaii is fairly pleasant; even during the rainy season, there are only brief showers and no storms. So now is a good time to visit Hawaii.


Bali is an Indonesian island renowned for its beauty, which has been compared to that of a paradise on earth. Bali is presently a must-visit destination for travellers from all over the world. Because it is an island surrounded by seawater, it enjoys the pleasant temperature of Bali, Indonesia all year round, making it ideal for swimming and tourist activities.

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The gentle rains in the Ubud jungle in November might enhance your natural experiences. Forests and rice fields that grow during the rainy season will provide a lovely green hue to the flora. Although it is the rainy season in Bali, this is an excellent time for both professional and daring surfers. By this period, the East coast of Bali will feature large waves, magnificent, one-of-a-kind constructions, and lofty structures.

When you visit Bali's resort paradise, you will have the opportunity to explore well-known tourist destinations such as Bali Barat National Park, Ubud Monkey Forest, and Kuta Beach, and enjoy first-rate services at luxury resorts. Continued from the November Bali travel schedule, the Pura Tirta Empul temple is one of Bali's holiest temples, visited by many visitors. This location is also referred to as the Holy Spring Water Temple. The temple boasts 12 streams of divine water, and individuals who bathe in it are claimed to be cleaned of dust, healed of ailments, and blessed by the gods to bring good luck and benefits.


Korea is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful natural landscape and distinct culture and cuisine. Every year, November is called the festival season, since it collects many distinct traditional major and minor festivities held yearly. People gather here to participate in the festival, enjoy the culture and customs, and learn more about the Korean people.

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Autumn in Korea is the best season to visit, lasting from September through November. In November, the weather in Korea is cold and pleasant, and the scenery is incredibly lyrical. The natural beauty in fall is vibrantly coloured with golden and crimson leaves that make tourists swoon. November is late fall, the start of winter, thus the weather typically becomes chilly, with an average temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius.

The lantern festival is one of the most colourful events to see while in Korea. Gather all lanterns of all sizes, shapes, and colours that correspond to the year's theme. Most are based on folk tales, mythology, and stories that teach people about mankind. Visitors drop floating lights into the river to pray for peace and good fortune for everybody.

When visiting Korea, you must visit Everland, the country's largest amusem*nt park. The location combines all of the entertainment games, architectural design in European style, and a national park with over a hundred kinds of rare and valuable animals bred in a mixed wild habitat.


Canada is well-known for its vast geographical area and diverse natural features. Therefore a vacation to Canada is an intriguing experience that takes travellers to many gorgeous and appealing landscapes.

November is the autumn season here. The weather is cold and the climate is moderate at this time, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 12 degrees Celsius, making it a perfect time for sightseeing and sightseeing trips.

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Visitors visiting Canada experience a pleasant sensation when staying in tiny dwellings. However, the energy and modernism of the world's leading cities astound many visitors. The most appealing sights to highlight are Toronto, Canada's most contemporary metropolis, the golden Algonquin, Ottawa with its antique architecture, or come to Vancouver to observe the lyrical beauty and romance of its gorgeous beaches stretching.

The Winter Lights Festival in Niagara on November 11 is one of the activities not to be missed if you visit Ontario, Canada. When you attend the festival, you will be able to view the dazzling lights as well as 3 million lights and more than 100 LED screens that span from the Dufferin Islands to the length of Niagara Park, producing wonderful halos that are highly lovely.

Ottawa, Ontario will hold a two-day Ottawa food and wine show during the first week of November. The festival will feature almost 1,400 outstanding wines and spirits. This festival attracts almost 25,000 cuisine and wine aficionados from all around the world.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, located on China's southern coast and flanked by the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea. The city is always bustling with activity, with beautiful buildings and lively and packed streets.

November, like October, is one of the finest months to visit Hong Kong. This is the conclusion of the storm season when the temperature is warm, the sky is clear, and the humidity is low. The fall season is ideal for exploring the city's beautiful outdoors, but that doesn't mean you'll finish yourself strolling around the markets and shops.

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The journey from Hong Kong - Macau in November will provide guests with unforgettable experiences. Visitors will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak and visit Temple Street Night Market, Disneyland, Chi Lin Nunnery, and Nan Lian Garden.

The Wine & Dine Festival, which takes place in late October or early November depending on the year, features almost 100 food kiosks from the city's greatest restaurants. This is also the spot to feed your wine addiction. The entry to this Bordeaux culinary festival is moderately priced, as is the food and drink. This is an event not to be missed.


Australia is well-known for its beaches and deserts, and its dynamic port towns are well-liked tourist destinations. Australia features wide deserts, hills, majestic mountain peaks, scenic beaches, and modern and distinctive architecture that visitors can discover and enjoy. Aside from the Sydney Opera House - the Opera House is one of the most characteristic architectural masterpieces of the twentieth century and one of the most recognised performing arts venues in the world.

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In Australia, November marks the end of spring (usually from September to November). The temperature is chilly, the climate is moderate, and the time is ideal for travelling and sightseeing. The average temperature ranges from 19 to 28 degrees Celsius. Rains are also common during this period, although they have little impact on Australian travel plans in November.

Every year, on the first Tuesday of November at 3 p.m., the city of Melbourne conducts an exceptionally thrilling and appealing horse racing event. The festival will take place at Flemington Racecourse.

Aside from horse racing, the festival includes several fashion presentations, specialty food, wonderful wine, and exciting outdoor activities, providing guests with a variety of unique experiences in a rural setting. Visitors will not want to leave in November due to the beautiful scenery and difficulty finding any place. In addition, the festival offers a variety of other equally appealing activities. Fireworks, fairs, cuisine festivals, art displays, and numerous flower gardens to enjoy are examples.


Germany's climate is fairly chilly, with an average yearly temperature of roughly 9 degrees Celsius. It is located in Western Europe, yet it is quite near to Northern Europe. With the Oktoberfest beer festival, the gorgeous Alps, flower meadows, and castles of ancient European style, this is a very famous tourist attraction.

Munich, the location of the world-famous Oktoberfest, is one of the top destinations to visit while coming to Germany, with an incredible cultural scene. With old cathedrals, mediaeval fortifications, and royal palaces, as well as busy commercial malls and nightlife places, the city centre is a remarkable combination of classical and modern architecture.

Best places to visit in November - Best Destination for Winter (18)

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Every year, November is the best month to visit the city. Tourists visiting Germany at this time will be impressed by the roads that have been painted with various leaf colours such as yellow, orange, green, and red. Each colour of the canopy appears to paint the autumn clothing of this land when viewed from above.

Cologne, a city with a history dating back over 2,000 years, is a must-see on any German visit for history aficionados. This location is also regarded as a cultural hotspot, with numerous art activities, fairs, and galleries. Visitors to Cologne will be drawn in by the intricate and majestic Gothic or Baroque architecture. Cologne Cathedral, Cultural Museum, Chocolate Museum, Nazi Document Museum, and Hohenzollern Love Lock Bridge are some of the city's most well-known tourist attractions.


In this country, November is the middle of fall, and the capitals have the most spectacular autumn colours. This is the greatest time of year to photograph the autumn colours and engage in outdoor activities with family and friends.

November is one of the greatest months to visit Beijing since the weather is chilly and occasionally windy. The crimson walls of historic architecture and the golden foliage in Beijing's parks and suburbs add to the city's attractiveness and elegance. There are ancient pagodas clothed in red leaves and yellow ginkgo trees.

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Visitors who want to appreciate the panoramic perspective of China's enormous nation might take a trip to discover a series of four prominent cities in November: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou. Because contemporary Beijing has numerous cultural attractions, huge Shanghai has harmonious antique architecture, and both Hangzhou and Suzhou have attractive landscapes.

Kansas is a wildlife reserve in Xinjiang's northwestern region. This location is well-known for its lake of the same name, as well as the rows of red-leaved trees that create a crimson sky every fall. Fragrant Hill Park is located on Beijing's outskirts. There are enormous geranium trees here and there are also smoke flowers and roses intertwined.

The Netherlands

When visiting Europe, every tourist's favourite destination is the Netherlands. It is a tranquil and quiet country with a rich culture. If you want to learn about the rich history of Dutch art, rest, unwind, or sample great tap beer, the Netherlands is the place to go on vacation.

With shorter days and colder nights, November is an ideal time to visit Amsterdam's museums, busy clubs, and beautifully lighted retail districts. Not only that, but you can also sample some Dutch delicacies.

Best places to visit in November - Best Destination for Winter (20)

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If you want to visit famous art collections, you should certainly attend the PAN Amsterdam event, which takes place from the 18th to the 25th of November. You will be able to admire antiques, paintings, modern art, decorative artefacts, and designer furniture.

Tourist destinations such as the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, and others will be less crowded, allowing you to spend more time relaxing. November is the ideal time to visit the Netherlands if you want to visit Amsterdam's cafés and meet with friends.

The top 20 most desirable tourist spots in the country in November are listed here for your convenience. We hope you have a wonderful vacation full of new experiences and beautiful memories!

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Best places to visit in November - Best Destination for Winter (2024)


Where is the best place to vacation in November? ›

Where to Go in November: The Best Places to Travel
  • Start a trip to Mexico. ...
  • Start a trip to London. ...
  • Start a trip to the Galapagos. ...
  • Start a trip to Guatemala. Nepal. ...
  • Start a trip to Nepal. Thailand. ...
  • Start a trip to Thailand. India. ...
  • Start a trip to India. Norway. ...
  • Start a trip to Norway. Australia and/or New Zealand.
Jan 3, 2024

Where is best to go for winter sun in November? ›

27 of the best winter sun destinations
  1. Cape Town, South Africa. Average winter temperature 22C. ...
  2. Fuerteventura. Average winter temperature 18C. ...
  3. The Maldives. Average winter temperature 27C. ...
  4. Funchal, Madeira. Average winter temperature 16C. ...
  5. Miami, US.
  6. Zanzibar, Tanzania. ...
  7. Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. ...
  8. Soufrière, St Lucia.
Sep 15, 2023

What country is best to visit in November? ›

  • 1.1. Thailand.
  • 1.2. Malaysia.
  • 1.3. Vietnam - one of the best places to travel in November.
  • 1.4. Bhutan.
  • 1.5. Where to visit in Asia in November? - Japan.
  • 1.6. The Maldives.
  • 1.7. Hong Kong.
  • 1.8. South Korea.
Mar 24, 2024

Where is it winter in November? ›

In Celtic nations such as Ireland (using the Irish calendar) and in Scandinavia, the winter solstice is traditionally considered as midwinter, with the winter season beginning 1 November, on All Hallows, or Samhain. Winter ends and spring begins on Imbolc, or Candlemas, which is 1 or 2 February.

Where has the best weather in November? ›

On average, some of the hottest places to visit in November are:
  • Bangkok (33.1 °C)
  • Singapore (31.3 °C)
  • Dominican Republic (30.5 °C)
  • Barbados (30.3 °C)
  • Orlando (29.1 °C)
  • Cape Verde (28.3 °C)
  • Brisbane (26.6 °C)
  • Tenerife (24.3 °C)

Which Caribbean island is best to visit in November? ›

Here are the top ten Caribbean Islands to visit in November.
  1. Bonaire. Bonaire might be the best Caribbean Island to visit in November because its beaches are largely undeveloped. ...
  2. Grenada. ...
  3. St. ...
  4. Turks and Caicos. ...
  5. Montserrat. ...
  6. Nevis. ...
  7. Belize. ...
  8. Guadeloupe.
Jul 31, 2023

Where is a warm beach in November? ›

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Not only is Horseshoe Bay Beach one of the most famous beaches in Bermuda, it's among the best beaches to visit in November. Outside of the island's high season, which runs from May to October, November typically sees fewer crowds, while travelers still benefit from balmy temperatures.

How is Costa Rica in November? ›

November is the beginning of the dry season with each passing day bringing less rain. Day time temps average in the mid 80s. Rains occur frequently in the late afternoons, but with less frequency towards the end of the month. The Central Pacific is still in the rain season in November.

Where in Europe is it warm in November? ›

What are the hottest places in Europe in November? The Canary Islands are among the warmest places in Europe in November. The highest average daily temperatures can be found in Gran Canaria (25°C), Lanzarote (25°C), Tenerife (24°C) and Fuerteventura (24°C). The Portuguese island of Madeira (22°C) will also feel warm.

Can you travel to Greece in November? ›

Greece in November marks the final month of fall. With far fewer tourists and cooler weather than in the busy summer months, it's an ideal time to explore Greece's ancient ruins, wander quaint villages, and appreciate the natural beauty.

What is the most popular holiday in November? ›

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated on various dates in October and November in the United States, Canada, Saint Lucia, Liberia, and unofficially in countries like Brazil, Germany and the Philippines.

Is Italy good to visit in November? ›

November is a wonderful time to take a vacation to Italy. Though the days are short and the weather is variable, Italy in November has few crowds, multiple festivals and events, the very best autumn cuisine, and gorgeous foliage. Plus, it's the cheapest month to fly to this amazing boot-shaped country.

Where is the best place to go in November? ›

15 Best Places to Travel in November
  • Argentina.
  • Tanzania.
  • Vietnam.
  • Japan.
  • Laos.
  • Egypt.
  • Morocco.
  • Plan Your Trip for November.

Where is the best cold country to visit in November? ›

Iceland's name becomes increasingly accurate in November, as sub-zero temperatures arrive more frequently. This is time of year for tours into the ethereal world of ice caves — more accurately, glacier caves — as these changing hollows need to be safely frozen before they can be explored.

Where is the best place to see winter sun in November? ›

For winter sun in November that's not too far from home, you could head to the Balearic Islands, the Canaries, Turkey, or Cyprus. If you fancy travelling further afield, November is a good time to visit South Africa or Florida. If you'd like some December holiday sun, Madeira or Gambia are your best options.

What is the best holiday in November? ›

15 Places Which Offers the Best of November's Weather
  • Dharamshala. The very time when the snowfall is about to get start November is the best time to explore this astounding destination. ...
  • Goa. ...
  • Pondicherry. ...
  • Munnar. ...
  • Kashmir. ...
  • Pushkar. ...
  • Hampi. ...
  • Coorg.
Apr 17, 2024

What state has the best weather in November? ›

21 Best Warm Places to Visit in November in USA
  1. Huntington Beach, California. ...
  2. Palm Springs, California. ...
  3. Cottonwood, Arizona. ...
  4. Sedona, Arizona. ...
  5. Mesa, Arizona. ...
  6. Irving, Texas. ...
  7. Austin, Texas. ...
  8. San Antonio, Texas.
Nov 24, 2023

What is the best place to go for Thanksgiving? ›

21 of Our Favorite Thanksgiving Getaways 2023
  • Find Your Vibe in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. ...
  • Take a Family Getaway to Mobile, Alabama. ...
  • Stroll, Shop and Dine in Greer, South Carolina. ...
  • Escape to Horse Country in Ocala, Florida. ...
  • Go Cajun in Coastal Louisiana. ...
  • Find Music for Your Ears in Macon, Georgia. ...
  • Camp Out in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


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